Let’s mobilise our clicks for a project in Tanzania!

Dear Givago’ers,

The newest project recently started by Trees for the Future will help communities in and around Singida, Tanzania, to improve their lives by planting millions of trees in new forest gardens.
The project will start with 300 families living 150 miles northeast of the capital of Dodoma, and it will grow to impact thousands of families as additional support is acquired.

Singida is an area filled with rural farming communities trying to make ends meet along a highly degraded trade corridor. Trees for the Future Tanzania Coordinator has begun mobilising farmer groups.
The families entering there program are struggling to grow enough millet and maize to feed themselves, let alone to earn the money they need to buy clothes or send their children to school. The zone is poor and dry and in desperate need of this forest garden project.

Central Tanzania is a prime location for forest garden projects – http://www.treesforthefuture.org/

Every click will permit to help out this project and permits these are to develop itself. Be part of the change by giving one minute of your time, not you bank card detail.

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