How does works?

Hello visitors,

You ask yourself how Givago does givago works, and how we can afford to plant trees on your behave without asking you to pay a penny?

We can understand it! At, we haven’t win the lottery, but when we were students, we wanted to give to charity as well as partying. It was a challenge! Running street fundraising was our way of helping out as it was impossible for us to spend our loan into charity.

During our entrepreneurship studies, we realised that many companies where spending money into advertisement and we asked ourselves why not using this money to do good-deeds. That is how givago born.

GIVAGO.CO HOW DOES IT WORK?The idea is pretty simple, sponsors are paying for the tree in exchange of you getting information about what they are doing.

How is everyone winning?

You can plant a tree for free thanks to the company who is sponsoring the tree so you are winning, the company got the opportunity to let you know more about there products and services, and the charity is getting money to do the actions without spending a penny in fundraising!

It’s cold a win-win-win situation, isn’t it?

Many of our users where happy to learn more about “fairphone” for example, and without they will not have the opportunity of knowing this company, and so changing there phone for an ethical one!


So if you are a change maker, this is only the first step, we are going to improve our platform to help you out on your projects!
Feel free to spread the world/word about our platform in order to plant as many trees as possible! Also, you can do so using @givagocharity on twitter, liking our Facebook page and sharing it with your friends, family and other mate, let’s make givago being the topics in bars, around coffees, on the internet etc.
A study showed that if you like Givago, you chances of having a match on Tinder increased by 67.8%! (Blague, 2015).

If you are a company or a charity, don’t hesitate to contact us! It will be our pleasure to help you out!

Made with love in Oxford,