GIVAGO: Connecting Changemakers!

Hello changemakers!

Givago is a platform that enables people to give to charity for free!
Its only the beginning! Our goal is to get GIVAGO to help you developing social and environmental projects locally and globally!
We are looking forward to create a massive community of changemakers!

Where does the idea come from?

When travelling to Cambodia, I ended up on a highly polluted beach. There were all those tourists taking selfies avoiding the visible pollution. I decided to grab the rice bag that had been thrown to the sea and started filling it with all the garbage I could find. Some people came to me and asked if I was working for the city council. I answered that I was just a tourist and that I was feeling bad about the environment being ignored.
Some of them joined me, and we ended up at 6 volunteers and cleaned the beach!

Sihanouk - Cambodia

At this minute, I realised that many of us, individually want change to happen. We just need to get connected.

I created Givago to connect changemakers building local and global actions. Every changes make a difference! Be part of it! Come join us, and together let’s make it happen!